Welcome to "Just Linux"

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Established November 2009

Welcome to the new JustLinux.ca website. I hope you find the site both interesting and informative.

I have developed (and continue to develop) this site as a vehicle to distribute some of the experience and knowledge that I've accumulated over more than thirty years of professional software development and over ten years of use and management of Linux-based systems. Here, you will find some of the articles I've written about Linux features and facilities, along with my own musings about Linux and Linux-related matters.

Over the coming months, I intend to expand the site to cover a wide range of topics and facilities. Planned are pages on Linux distributions, reviews of Linux devices, and guides for the novice Linux user.

So, sit back and enjoy. Your Linux experience awaits, everywhere.

Lew Pitcher (Registered Linux User #112576), November 2009