These are short observations on Linux, it's use, programming, operation, and configuration. Mostly, they are derived from my own experiences installing, configuring and using Linux systems, from embedded systems to desktops to servers.

Validating Web-based logons with FTP

As part of a PHP web app I developed, I needed to authenticate the web client user with a remote system. Unfortunately, this system was a mainframe and setting up a web-enabled authentication product on it was somewhat timeconsuming and required a lot of administrivia. I wanted to avoid all that, so I had to come up with another way to authenticate web users remotely.


Procmail Recipe - One Email Address, Multiple users

A while back, I switched ISPs and lost the multiple email addresses that the old ISP provided. With the new ISP, my wife and I were restricted to sharing a single public email address. With fetchmail, I could retrieve our email from my ISP's POP3 server and store it in our lan server for on-demand "offline" reading, but with one email address, either my wife and I had to read each other's mail, or one of us got no mail at all.



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