myRecipeFile: The Continueing Story

A couple of years ago, I upgraded my server, and found that the web-based recipe file system that I used would no longer work properly. Migration from the old version of that system to the most recent version was going to be a pain, and would not gain me any features that I would use. So, I decided to write my own recipe file system.

Progress has been slow; I've got a lot of projects on the go and (once I got the basics implemented and my recipes migrated) I put development and enhancement of myRecipeFile on the back-burner. Last fall and winter, I found time to resume work on the beast, and have made significant progress.


On the single-recipe front, I can now resize recipes, and change their measurement units. So, I can take a recipe written in Metric for 4 servings and show it in Imperial measurements, resized for 10 servings. This required some display layout changes, along with changes under the covers to support conversions between measurement units. But, it was worth the work.

User Management

Of course, this required changes to the User management page, to record the preferred Units of Measure, and to prepare for the final part of the recipe resize process: Amount Normalization (where the program adjusts measurement units and amounts into more "natural" values).

Recipe Export

Finally, I implemented two Recipe Export functions: one to export recipes in XML, and another to export in MealMaster format. A third export will produce PDF files.