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IP04 and Me

For years, I've played with my 4-port embedded-linux Asterisk PBX (the IP04 from Now, I've finally decided to move it out of the toychest and into real use.

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IP04 Adventures - Ongoing

For a long while, I had put aside my IP04 to concentrate on other things. Recently, I resumed my explorations of the IP04 device, still with the long-term notion of using it as a home PBX.

I'm glad for the extended absence; it allowed me to reconsider my approach, and (when I resumed playing with the IP04) do some things that I had previously found impossible to do.

VoIP providers

Since I received my IP04 from Rowetel, I've wanted to connect my telephony system to the real world. Consequently, I've spent some time researching VoIP providers, looking for good inbound and outbound rates in my target areacode. It looks like I might have found one.

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(Mis)Using Comsat

Recently, my day stood still as I waited for an important email. While I stared at my email client, silently encouraging it to report my long-awaited email, I cursed my immobility. Here I sat, stuck indoors, in front of a screen, when I could instead enjoy the good weather, sip a cold drink and read a book on my deck. How I wished for a portable tool that would notify me audibly when email arrived in my In Basket.

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IP04 Adventures - Day 6

Well, that didn't last. I got to thinking about my incoming context, and how I wanted it to work. Right now, it answers the PSTN, rings all the house phones, and hangs up (with a goodbye message, on occassion). I don't like that script much, and it is time to change that around a bit.

Let's go over that again, and I'll point out what I don't like.

  1. The PSTN line rings, and the IP04 Answer()s it. There's an audible hesitation when the IP04 picks up the line

IP04 Adventures - Day 5

In my last entry ("Thoughts on a home PBX", I mused on how my exploration of the IP04 had bogged down because I didn't have a good plan for how I wanted to use it. Well, that's cleared up now.


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