Embedded System

A device or appliance that uses Linux "under the covers"

IP04 Progress

Since I wrote my "IP04 and Me" blog post, I've made remarkable progress. My home phones now run completely under the control of the IP04, and I have that virtual receptionist I've been working towards.

IP04 Adventures - Ongoing

For a long while, I had put aside my IP04 to concentrate on other things. Recently, I resumed my explorations of the IP04 device, still with the long-term notion of using it as a home PBX.

I'm glad for the extended absence; it allowed me to reconsider my approach, and (when I resumed playing with the IP04) do some things that I had previously found impossible to do.


A couple of weeks ago, I bought myself a Pogoplug (V2, gray) to try out. The PogoPlug comes with an embedded linux system, and is set up to externalize (through my.pogoplug.com) any USB storage device you connect to it. I wasn't as much interested in the services of my.pogoplug.com as I was in using the device as a general-purpose linux system.

System Configuration: 

Micro-review of the Fidelity VPC

A little while ago, I observed that Zellers was selling the Fidelity VPC, an inexpensive Linux-based netbook. Well, I saw it in action over Christmas, and I have to say that I was not impressed.

System Management: 

Zellers has Linux Netbooks

Zellers is selling a Linux-based Netbook for Christmas. The "Very Personal Computer" from Fidelity Electronics goes for $150 CAD.

It features

  • 2 USB ports,
  • a single SD/SDHC card slot,
  • integrated microphone and speaker,
  • 10/100 wired Ethernet port,
  • Wifi networking,
  • a 7" LCD/TFT screen @ 800 x 480 resolution,
  • lithium battery rated for 2 hours continuous use, and an AC adaptor,
System Management: 

IP04 Adventures - Day 6

Well, that didn't last. I got to thinking about my incoming context, and how I wanted it to work. Right now, it answers the PSTN, rings all the house phones, and hangs up (with a goodbye message, on occassion). I don't like that script much, and it is time to change that around a bit.

Let's go over that again, and I'll point out what I don't like.

  1. The PSTN line rings, and the IP04 Answer()s it. There's an audible hesitation when the IP04 picks up the line


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