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Updated: 5 hours 41 min ago

KaOS Linux's November 2017 Release Adds KDE Plasma 5.11.3, Linux Kernel 4.13.12

Thu, 11/16/2017 - 08:00

 softpedia: Almost every month, KaOS developers release an updated installation medium that contains all the latest GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source applications.

Fedora 27 Linux Officially Released with GNOME 3.26 Desktop, Linux Kernel 4.13

Thu, 11/16/2017 - 03:00

Fedora Linux is Red Hat's free alternative to the commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system

How to Use Nmap Script Engine (NSE) Scripts in Linux

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 19:00

Tecmint: One of the interesting features of Nmap is the Nmap Script Engine (NSE), which brings even more flexibility and efficiency to it.

Ubuntu 17.10 Review

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 18:00

 freedompenguin: Is Ubuntu 17.10 ready for prime time?

Antergos 17.11 ??? the Antagonist

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 17:00

DarkDuck: Antergos is an operating system that has Arch as its predecessor.

Top 10 Linux Tools

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 16:00

Datamation: The Linux tools you need to do just about anything on the Linux desktop.

Schneier: It's Time to Regulate IoT to Improve Cyber-Security

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 15:00

eWEEK: In a keynote at the SecTor security conference, Bruce Schneier makes a case for more regulatory oversight for software and the Internet of Things.

Linux Mint 18.3 "Sylvia" Cinnamon & MATE Beta Officially Out, Here's What's New

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 14:00

softpedia: Based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) and running the Linux 4.10 kernel, Linux Mint 18.3 continues the long-term support (LTS) of the Linux Mint 18 series

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM arrives after seven years of developm

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 13:00

ZDnet: It took years, but RHEL for ARM is finally here, so it's time to start taking ARM as a server seriously.

Sysadmins vs. natural disasters

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 12:00

Businesses need to keep going even when faced with torrential flooding or earthquakes.

11 Useful split command examples for Linux/UNIX systems

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 11:00

split command is used to split or break a file into the pieces in Linux and UNIX systems.

How to Setup Automatic Security Updates on Ubuntu 16.04

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 10:00

HowToForge: Security updates are an integral part of the IT-world.

Happy 60th birthday, Fortran

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 09:00 Fortran may be trending down on Google, but its foundational role in scientific applications ensure that it won't be retiring anytime soon.

EAP-TLS Detailed as WiFi Security Best Practice at SecTor

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 03:00

eWEEK: A security researcher explains how WPA2 Enterprise wireless security can be bypassed and why the EAP-TLS wireless authentication protocol should be more widely deployed to help mitigate risks.

How-to guide for troubleshooting RPC: Port mapper failure error

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 23:00

kerneltalks: Learn how to troubleshoot??RPC: Port mapper failure - Timed out error on NFS client.

How to Hide Nginx Server Version in Linux

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 19:00

Tecmint: In this short article, we will show you how hide Nginx server version on error pages and in the Server HTTP response header field in Linux.

The new long-term Linux kernel, Linux 4.14, has arrived

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 18:00

ZDnet: For the next six years, Android smartphones, embedded Linux devices, and Linux-based Internet of Things gadgets will use the newly released Linux 4.14 kernel.

Evaluating drones and emerging tech: One CIO's advice

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 17:00

When evaluating emerging tech, here's how to narrow the choices down to those that are most relevant

Crafting your AI strategy: 3 tips

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 16:00

enterprisersproject: Take AI beyond obvious use cases and create a master plan.

Microsoft: Sheltering Oneself From Patent Litigation While Passing Patents for Trolls to Attack GNU/Linux

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 15:00

techrights: Another closer look at Provenance Asset Holdings and what exactly it is