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Updated: 5 hours 31 min ago

Open-Source Acumos Project Aims to Make AI Apps More Accessible

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 08:00

EnterpriseAppsToday: Effort will be hosted by the Linux Foundation and include code from AT&T and Tech Mahindra.

How to Create Bootable USB Disk / DVD on Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 03:00

LinuxTechi: Create bootable USB disk and DVD using Startup Disk Creator, UNetbootin and dd command on Ubuntu and Linux Mint Desktop.

CAINE 9.0 Linux Expands Forensic Investigation Security Capabilities

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 23:00

eWEEK: New release of security-focused Linux distribution adds new tools to help researchers with investigations.

How to use cron in Linux

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 19:00 No time for commands? Scheduling tasks with cron means programs can run but you don't have to stay up late.

Best Lightweight Linux Distros

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 18:00

Datamation: The best of the lightweight Linux distros, geared for a variety of different user types.

Google Patches KRACK WiFi Flaw in Android November Security Update

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 17:00

eSecurityPlanet: Three weeks after critical WiFi vulnerability was first publicly disclosed, Android at long last, gets a patch.

Modular, rugged, fanless mini-PC runs Linux Mint on Apollo Lake

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 16:00

LinuxGizmos: Compulab's Linux-ready, 112 x 84 x 34mm "Fitlet2" mini-PC features an Apollo Lake SoC, -40 to 85??C support, and M.2 and "FACET" expansion.

Improve your bash/sh shell script with ShellCheck lint script analysis tool

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 15:00

Nixcraft: ShellCheck is a static analysis tool for shell scripts.

Meet Gladys, a Raspberry Pi-Powered Intelligent, Open-Source Home Assistant

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 14:00

Gladys is designed from the ground up to act as a central hub that interacts with a variety of smart, IoT (Internet of Things) devices you may own

Linux Kernel 3.10 Reached End of Life, Users Are Urged to Move to Linux 4.4 LTS

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 13:00

The end of life was reached this past weekend with the release of Linux kernel 3.10.108, which is the last maintenance update for the Linux 3.10 branch.

OpenStack Continues to Grow Both Public and Private Cloud Deployments

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 12:00

eWEEK:OpenStack is now powering over 60 public cloud datacenters around the world, with both private and public cloud revenues growing.

How to Install Varnish Cache with Apache on CentOS 7

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 11:00

HowToForge: Varnish is a proxy server focused on HTTP caching.

Apache Kafka Reaches 1.0 Milestone for Open-Source Distributed Streaming Platform

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 09:00

EnterpriseAppsToday: Widely deployed open-source technology already used by major enterprises including Goldman Sachs, ING and Capital One reaches a critical milestone.

How To Control Media Players From Commandline In Linux

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 08:00

ostechnix: This guide talks about two simple CLI utilities that can be used to control the media players from the Terminal in your Linux box.

4 Tools to Manage EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 Health in Linux

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 03:00

tecmint: A filesystem is a data structure that helps to control how data is stored and retrieved on a computer system.

Why hybrid cloud is the best of both worlds

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 23:00

EnterprisersProject: For CIOs considering cloud, start with the overall digital strategy and work backward

Teleconsole - A Tool To Share Your Terminal Session Instantly To Anyone In Seconds

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 19:00

Teleconsole is a free service to share your terminal session with people you trust or anyone in seconds.

Shedding light on foggy GPL licenses

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 18:00 Clarity is key to avoid licensing ambiguity.

Edge computing moves the open cloud beyond the data center

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 17:00

Edge computing, like public cloud at scale, requires a convenient, powerful cloud software stack that can be deployed in a unified, efficient and sustainable way.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 Puts the Cloud in a Container

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 16:00

ServerWatch: As the OpenStack Summit in Sydney kicks off, Red Hat debuts it's latest cloud infrastructure release.