How Bad is BadUSB?

A friend has asked me, as his technical "guru", how bad BadUSB is. Now, I'm not an expert on these things, so I had to do a little research.

IP04 Adventures - Ongoing

For a long while, I had put aside my IP04 to concentrate on other things. Recently, I resumed my explorations of the IP04 device, still with the long-term notion of using it as a home PBX.

I'm glad for the extended absence; it allowed me to reconsider my approach, and (when I resumed playing with the IP04) do some things that I had previously found impossible to do.

myRecipeFile - More screenshots

Development of my web-based PHP/MySQL recipe management application ("myRecipeFile") has progressed, albeit slowly. Summer activities have taken much of my time, leaving only bits and pieces to spend on the development effort. But, develop I have, and here are the results so far.


Site Upgraded

As of this morning, I've moved to Drupal 7.

Obviously, there are some style differences between this site and the old one, but the content is the same.

myRecipeFile - Screenshots from development

I'm developing my own web-based recipe management application, using PHP and MySQL.

Here are a few preliminary screenshots.


Projects, Have I got 'em

I thought that I might have a slow winter this year. Boy was I wrong.

I've got more work than I expected, and certainly enough to keep me busy for the next several months. In fact, I'm so wrapped up with Linux-related stuff, that I can't wait for spring to arrive, just so I can get out and away from the computer.


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