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IP04 Adventures - Day 5

In my last entry ("Thoughts on a home PBX", I mused on how my exploration of the IP04 had bogged down because I didn't have a good plan for how I wanted to use it. Well, that's cleared up now.

Thoughts on a home PBX

My adventures with the IP04 have temporarily stalled as I start to think of how I want to use it in my home. I started off playing with the extensions, and quickly bogged down as I looked at all the various options I had. So, I'm taking a break and looking at this from a different angle.

System Management: 

IP04 Adventures - Day 4

I haven't had a lot of time to play with the IP04 recently; I've had some website changes on my mind, and that took most of my energies. However, I did get to play a little, today.

More Vhost changes

I mentioned before that I was going to rebuild my partner's website in Drupal 6 rather than migrate it from Drupal 4. And that I did. But, as any man can tell you, it is a woman's prerogative to change her mind, and this website rebuild was no exception.

VHost Changes

This week, I started the long-ish process of upgrading my websites from a very backlevel Drupal 4 to Drupal 6. With 6 domains on Drupal 4 (and a new one already on Drupal 6), this augers to be a time-consuming project. But, I've got the time.

IP04 Adventures - Day 3

I've read through the Asterisk book, and feel ready to try my hand at configuring the IP04. The first thing I want to do is configure the device to answer my telephone, and transfer incoming calls to which ever extension picks up first. Simple, yes? Not so fast...


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