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Websites in minutes

Just over a week ago, a good friend passed away. I wanted to do something special as a memorial for him, so I put together a website where his friends and family can post pictures and stories about him.

VoIP providers

Since I received my IP04 from Rowetel, I've wanted to connect my telephony system to the real world. Consequently, I've spent some time researching VoIP providers, looking for good inbound and outbound rates in my target areacode. It looks like I might have found one.

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(Mis)Using Comsat

Recently, my day stood still as I waited for an important email. While I stared at my email client, silently encouraging it to report my long-awaited email, I cursed my immobility. Here I sat, stuck indoors, in front of a screen, when I could instead enjoy the good weather, sip a cold drink and read a book on my deck. How I wished for a portable tool that would notify me audibly when email arrived in my In Basket.

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Upgrading a Slackware-based system

Over the years, I've performed many upgrades to my systems. I've moved my desktop incrementally from Slackware 3 to Slackware 12.1, refining my process as I go. While the various documents and notes in each Slackware release do help, I've evolved my own upgrade "management reporting" process that gives a clear picture of what the upgrade will and will not do.

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Down and Up again

That was cheery!

Yesterday, one of my HDs started spewing errors, and took my server's /home directory down. That wouldn't have been too bad if I had followed my own advice and had complete backups. I could have installed a new drive, and restored everything from backups. But, no, I hadn't been smart; I had no backups for the /home directory.

On the Naming of Systems

"A cat has three names ..." goes a poem/song from Cats, and so do systems on a network. A system has a proper name such as NTOABYM05 or MVSQA100, and a common name, such as nancy or sluggo. Finally, a system has a secret name, like 05:09:3f:57:60:22 or

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