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(Mis)Using Comsat

Recently, my day stood still as I waited for an important email. While I stared at my email client, silently encouraging it to report my long-awaited email, I cursed my immobility. Here I sat, stuck indoors, in front of a screen, when I could instead enjoy the good weather, sip a cold drink and read a book on my deck. How I wished for a portable tool that would notify me audibly when email arrived in my In Basket.

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Upgrading a Slackware-based system

Over the years, I've performed many upgrades to my systems. I've moved my desktop incrementally from Slackware 3 to Slackware 12.1, refining my process as I go. While the various documents and notes in each Slackware release do help, I've evolved my own upgrade "management reporting" process that gives a clear picture of what the upgrade will and will not do.

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Down and Up again

That was cheery!

Yesterday, one of my HDs started spewing errors, and took my server's /home directory down. That wouldn't have been too bad if I had followed my own advice and had complete backups. I could have installed a new drive, and restored everything from backups. But, no, I hadn't been smart; I had no backups for the /home directory.

On the Naming of Systems

"A cat has three names ..." goes a poem/song from Cats, and so do systems on a network. A system has a proper name such as NTOABYM05 or MVSQA100, and a common name, such as nancy or sluggo. Finally, a system has a secret name, like 05:09:3f:57:60:22 or

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Micro-review of the Fidelity VPC

A little while ago, I observed that Zellers was selling the Fidelity VPC, an inexpensive Linux-based netbook. Well, I saw it in action over Christmas, and I have to say that I was not impressed.

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VHOSTs all done

That's it. The last website has been moved to Drupal 6.

This morning, I took a mysqldump backup of the last backlevel public site (migrated to Drupal 5, yesterday), and created a new "internal" site from it. Using the same magic incantations as before (log on, disable modules, change httpd vhosts, update.php, enable modules), I managed to get this last site running properly on Drupal 6, internally.


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