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An ever-expanding telephone system

In the year and a half since I wrote IP04 Progress, I've expanded my simple telephone system into something a little more comprehensive. I had three goals in mind; to provide that "complete accounting" of incoming and outgoing calls that my provider wouldn't supply, to manage the incoming calls so that I would be less bothered by telemarketers and other annoying callers, and to position the IP04 as a part of a much larger home automation project.

I've slowly worked my way towards all that, in fits and starts, and am ready to share some of my progress.

IP04 Progress

Since I wrote my "IP04 and Me" blog post, I've made remarkable progress. My home phones now run completely under the control of the IP04, and I have that virtual receptionist I've been working towards.

IP04 and Me

For years, I've played with my 4-port embedded-linux Asterisk PBX (the IP04 from rowetel.com). Now, I've finally decided to move it out of the toychest and into real use.

System Management: 

Creating PDF files in PHP

I needed to create and download a PDF file from my PHP recipe file application. After looking into several alternatives, I settled on the FPDF library from fpdf.org.


myRecipeFile: The Continueing Story

Development of myRecipeFile progresses slowly ever onward. I've fleshed out more of the v1 features and can share my progress.


How Bad is BadUSB?

A friend has asked me, as his technical "guru", how bad BadUSB is. Now, I'm not an expert on these things, so I had to do a little research.


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